Detail King Student Testimonials

Kevin Okuley

Hey Nick, I wanted to shoot you a note to thank you for this weekend. I had a great time and learned a ton from you guys. I was originally debating whether or not this was something I wanted to come to but, I am 110 percent glad that I came! It was great to meet all of your staff as well. They were all incredibly knowledgeable and very kind and courteous as well as very helpful! It was very impressive to see guys like Bill, Jason, and Matt who knew the products and prices inside and out. It was great working with them as well as Allen, Gary, Eric and Dale, whose knowledge is second to none! Thanks so much for the hospitality! You guys all made it a blast to be there!

Thanks a million!

Art Lake Jr

I would suggest anyone that is getting involved in the detailing business to attend the training program that Detail King provides. no matter what your skill level.They provide the proper procedures to detail a vehicle from beginning to end and the team they have there are always there to answer any question and to give you pointers to make detaining easier. I found also that their products are the best in the industry.

I just got opened a business in Verona, New Jersey and already I have customers that have brought all their vehicles in for detailing and then brought in their 2nd and 3rd vehicle in . I can see that my business is going to thrive and I owe it to Detail King. THANK YOU DETAIL KING

Joseph Donaldson

Awesome craftsman training. I have detailed for about 10 years and still learned so much at the training. Thanks to all the trainers. Would recommend this training to anyone from beginner to very experienced. Thanks again. Also would like to say Detail Kings products are second to none.

Peter Grebeck

I just attended the Sunday auto detailing class. I received so much info it was great. I came by my self but felt very comfortable because of every staff member at Detail King. Nobody was ever left out. A huge thumbs up to all the staff. I will recommend Detail King and will return myself. Everything I learned will be used for my limousine service.

Terrence Nunery

I really enjoyed the detailing sessions. I learned a lot about the different techniques taught and I plan to implement them in my detailing business. Attending the seminar gave me the drive needed to take my business to the next level.

Johnathan Forney

Went in doubtful, came out convinced. Needed help getting the confidence to start out and you guys came through in a big way. Feel I have all the right tools now. What a great experience! Learned so much about the business and how to do the job right. Thanks Detail King.

John Short

I’ve been wanting to start a detail business for years. Nick and the whole gang were great. They actually took the time to explain each and every aspect of the business. I went in to this training course knowing very little about the art (yes it is an art) of detailing, and left Sunday night searching for the next car to detail. Detail King has opened a brand new door in my life, and without the help and support of the staff, and my AWESOME classmates, I don’t think I would have ever been able to muster up the confidence to pursue what I am pursuing right now.

The chemicals they use do an impeccable job and there’s no need to search any further for your detailing supplies. If you are thinking of starting a detailing business, there is not need to look any further. In my opinion, spend the little bit extra money and go with the Craftsman course. You will get a 100% return. The instructors are detail king graduates and licensed Detail King detailers, and the salesmen are knowledgeable and professional. THERE IS NO NEEDLESS SALES PITCH. The whole time I felt comfortable and I felt as if I were part of a team. Not like I paid to be there. Nick has an eye for detail, it’s actually extremely impressive.

Final thought….. If you’re thinking about going….. GO!!!

Tyler Madill

If you are thinking of starting an auto detailing business, this seminar is a no brainer. I took the three day craftsman seminar at Detail King, and returned home super satisfied with everything I saw, heard, and learned at the seminar. To Nick, and his staff: Jason, Matt, Bill, Gary, and the Trainers that took time away from there own businesses to teach us: Dillion, Allen, Dan, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the world of detailing.

Whenever I had a question all these individuals were able to share the benefits and the cons to both sides of the question and most often a solution to the question. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to test out every piece of detailing equipment you offer and suggest, the ability to see how the chemicals worked and the outcome of them. As I said when leaving I can appreciate all the time, energy and knowledge that the entire group offered over the seminar.

Nick I was impressed with the layout, cleanliness, organization, and procedure of your entire business and seminar, it gives me a great goal to strive for, for my own business. Thank you again to all that where apart of this seminar from the staff, trainers, and other individuals that attended the coarse, we are all part of the same family now, the DETAIL KING family. My sincere Thank You.

Eric Perez

Detail King was the answer to my prayers, it was more than I had expected, with the very informative marketing class to get you started and the hands-on detailing training to build confidence, there is no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to start their own business!

Nick definitely knows his stuff and he’s really thorough, the staff are great too!!

I’m really happy I decided to go to the Detail King auto detailing school, the craftsman class had a lot to offer for my future business and gave me more confidence. I will definitely stand by Detail King’s products, how could you not trust a man with his detail knowledge?

The only downside was I had so much fun learning, the class felt too short and I had some great class mates too. Thanks so much to the entire Detail King crew and now its time to make mama proud!

Adonis Long

Fresh from the Detail King Craftsman 3 day auto detailing training school and all I keep saying to myself is, “wow, what an excellent experience!” Coming in carte blanche and ready to absorb all information and practical skill on offer, I am 100% motivated by this training. I feel that Detail King showed that they’re not just a business, but a family. Everyone pitches in and everyone shows an extensive knowledge of not only the Detail King product line up, but technical know how. All of our questions were answered, and there was a steady stream of “a-ha” moments as we learned the tips and tricks of the business. While the seminar portion of the training was informative and useful, I feel that I benefited the most from the hands on training. Having several instructors over looking our work and offering advice and as well as correction was invaluable. Thank you Detail King, this experience was irreplaceable!!

Jimmy Swinton

I just returned from training at the Detail King in Pittsburgh, Pa. over the Super Bowl weekend. The training received was invaluable. Opted for the 3-day session which touched on the administrative and technical side. Did not realize how ignorant my knowledge about maintaining a car was. We learned about the exterior of a vehicle all the way down to the crannies of the interior. I did not realize the opportunities in the detailing industry that is so lucrative. We learned how to restore faded headlights appearance and vinyl/leather in the interior. Now I can buff my own vehicle with knowledge.

The greatest thing I received from the course is Detail King infrastructure which allows a detailer to tie into their network which is a no brainer. This will take all the guess work out of the process for someone like me new to the business. I will definitely be following up with Detail King to join their network.

Nick and his staff were very professional and the facility is spotless. Thanks to you and your staff Nick.

Hygo Leal

My business partner and I attended to the Detail King’s Seminar back in April 2011. These guys are awesome!! They helped us with everything from business plan, techniques, choosing the right products etc… as I said everything!! Jason is our rep… He has the right answers for everything we ask… However, we’ve also dealt to everyone else there: Matt, Bill, Nick… It doesn’t matter who you are dealing with, the only thing I’m sure is that you will get the best customer service ever. I’ve also attended to the Detail King Licensee’s Conference last year…. Such a nice event!! I’ve never seen so much support, good food, and nice people at the same place!!
Thanks for everything!!
Keep it up with the good work guys…
We at are very thankful for everything you guys have done!!

Rick Moralez

I took the training course in March of 2010. Our business opened in May 2009. My goal for the training course was to learn more about buffing and polishing. I learned more than I ever imagined. With what I learned from the marketing portion as well as the hands on training, I can honestly say I have earned THOUSANDS of dollars more than what I would have made without the training. I usually order in bulk so I don’t always talk to the Detail King guys but I have called a few times just for info and the support is phenomenal! Of all the start up costs associated with opening a detail shop, the price for the training course was one of least expensive investments but had the greatest impact on my business. I truly feel like I would not be in business today without the Detail King training course.

Dawn Shoen

I recently attended the Craftman’s Training Program. It was fantastic. Everyone involved with the training went above and beyond for us. I wasn’t planning on becoming a licensee that weekend but I had absolutely no doubt at the end of the weekend that it was a wise decision. I’m so excited to get my business up and running. Special thanks to Bill for keeping me informed on everything as well as answering every little question. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous association with Detail King.

Brian Dupuy

Everyone has been very helpful with helping me get everything started. I wasn’t able to make the 3 day class but I have done the videos and read a lot. Jason has been very helpful and I don’t feel to dumb to ask him any question I may have.

Jim Fornadel

I took their class a couple of years ago. I was very informative and hands on. I ordered all my supplies and equipment from them. I expected that this is where our relationship would end like most places would. However nothing is further from the truth. They contact me at least once per month to see how I’m doing and if I need help with anything. I have called a few times and emailed questions about growth issues I have with my business or just a problem car and looking for some tips to help with a rare issue. They ALWAYS have a prompt solution for me. I have to say I have a true business partner. Nick and his staff have a passion for this industry and those who choose to work in it. Their products are tops and Nick always sees that he has the latest technology out there to provide for his customers.

Thanks guys for helping me along they way.

Buster LaFauvre

My name is Buster LaFauvre and I own B & W Mobile Auto Detailing Inc. I started our business in Oct of 2003 and in Sept of 2003 I went to Detail King for training because we wanted to know we were doing it right. Through the years I faded away from Detail King and then a couple of months ago I decided I needed to get back with Detail King.

This is the best move I have made because I switched back to using their products. I have a couple of pictures using their products for carpets. The carpet cleaning products are the best I have ever used. In Fact, all their products are the best I’ve used. Also the staff is top notch, my Rep is Bill and when i make a call he is very polite and very helpful. If I have a question he is right there to answer it. All I can say is Detail King is top notch, Number one for training, Chemicals and Service. I don’t know why I got away from them but I am sticking with them now.


Great customer service. The guys there are very knowledgable too! Thanks