Detail King Student Testimonials

Shawn Davis

I attended the 2 day auto detailing course provided by Detail King over the weekend. At first I didn’t know what to expect, largely due in part with the fact I have never detailed a vehicle before. I currently own a children school transportation business and wanted a new business venture. I love cars, especially clean cars, so this became a no brainer. After searching for a qualified course throughout the web, I finally decided on this course. Two minutes into the salutatory greeting from Nick Vacco, a realization of knowledge and professionalism engulfed the classroom.

The instructional format coupled with a host of knowledgeable and personable staff members made this experience delightful. The information is extensive, so you really should be attentive. Questions are welcomed and somewhat encouraged. I left on Sunday with an eager desire to commence this new venture. Thank you Nick, Jason, and the whole staff at Detail King. You guys don’t know it, but you have inspired a new automotive maintenance giant in New York.

Matt Harbaugh

I operate a full time detailing shop and stay busy cleaning thousands of cars yearly. I have learned a lot throughout the years from other detailers, car enthusiasts, bodyshops, and most recently Detail King. I decided some time ago to get some further training and experience from an auto detailing school but could not allocate time to do so until winter time. I wanted to further extend our range of auto services we provide here and chose Detail King. The 3 day auto detailing training program is comprised of extensive knowledge passed from many great experienced people (from the owner to his VP’s of Sales Bill and Jason, as well as the rest of their team) at Detail King.

These people can take you from the non detailer to the confident knowledgeable detailer we all want to be! They use the most up-to-date equipment and training techniques to make your detailing business the best it can be. I feel like I was a great detailer already, but I did learn an invaluable amount during the course. Seeing their whole brand work as one was truly a great weekend and I can only strive to create something as great as Detail King. I will now be adding some new services to my menu and have met and made some great contacts as well. To have a great business you need to surround yourself with great people and I’m glad I got the opportunity to take this course and meet the Detail King team first hand. Thanks Guys!

Paula Kowalewski

I just completed the Detail King three day seminar, this past weekend. The instructors were very knowledgeable, answered every question in detail and demonstrated where applicable. I’ve mostly been completing interior auto details, and after completing this training I feel I have the knowledge and confidence to expand my job description to include exterior car detailing services too. My recommendation would be to pay attention and take detailed notes! You don’t want to miss anything!  The Detail King training seminar was very professional and structured to convey as much information as possible in the time frame allotted. Thanks to Nick, Paul and the entire Detail King team for making us feel at home, comfortable and a part of your “detail” family!

Stephen Wines

This past weekend I had the chance to attend the 3 day craftsman detailing course provided by Detail King. In preparation of starting my own mobile detailing business I researched companies that could be “full service” from training to equipment and detailing supplies. Detail King was by far the best I came across and was already impressed before I got to the class. The first day was spent learning the business end of it; licenses, insurance, marketing, and procedures. Detail King offered a lot of useful information. The next two days were spent hands on, the instructors taught all the proper techniques to help me stand out from all the other detail businesses out there.

The Detail King staff is very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. They take the time to show you how it should be done, let you do it, and then inspect it after your done to provide an instant view of what could have been better or anything missed. This type of training helps for information to really sink in. The class room sizes were small which helps when it comes to personal interaction and lessons. Nick Vacco is an industry leader for a reason and it shows. All of his training team members are well trained and the sales team there is willing to help in making decisions of what to purchase. Bill Bruno was able to help me decide on the products needed for start up and what I could wait for down the road, he did not “sell” just to “sell” instead he customized the product offering to what fit my business plans. Loyalty counts a lot in my book and Detail King have earned my business for a long time.

Mike Rock

I have been Detailing in Baltimore for over the past 20 years and doing it Well. Every year I try to take my business up another Level. This past weekend I attended the Detail King Craftsman Detailing seminar.  I had a 5 year plan which included me adding an additional service to my business each year. What was so Great about attending this auto detailing seminar is that my 5 year plan is now cut into 2 years! This was one of the Best investments I have ever made, 4 out of the 5 services I was planning on adding to my detailing business was a part of this Detail King Craftsman Seminar.

I am so Excited because Time is money and now I can focus on something else with me gaining the Knowledge and Skills for the services I was Trained on. The Detail King team are a Great group of people, they embrace you like family and are very Knowledgeable about the business. The Detail King team are all about helping you become the Best Detailer you could possible be. Nick Vacco the President of Detail King has surrounded himself with a Great team, that’s what it takes to get to the Next Level. I would Highly recommend Detail King to anyone trying to Learn, Grow or Start their car detailing business. I’m truly looking forward to continuing Building on my relationship with Nick Vacco and his team. I’m always looking to Elevate in all I do in Life and being connected to the Detail King team I can Only go Higher. Thanks Nick for all that you Shared and Deposited into all of us this weekend.

Marques Samuda

I have been buying detailing products and machines from Detail King over the last 2 years. Since I live in Maryland my detailing supplies come the next day. In 2012 I opened up Samuda Detailing In Frederick, Maryland. I have always wanted to take a hands on detailing training class were I can learn from the professionals in the auto detailing industry. I enrolled in the Jan 2014 Detail King 2 day Technician class, and learned lots of things about how to run my detailing business, market my business, how to properly do paint correction, wet sanding, and more. Nick and his staff are nothing but a PROFESSIONAL STAFF. They make sure you know how to take care of your customers and handle your detailing business in a professional manner. I would highly recommend this auto detailing technician training class to anyone that is looking to start up their own business or even if you need to brush up on your detailing knowledge. You can learn a lot from other detailing professionals. THANKS AGAIN DETAIL KING FOR HELPING SAMUDA DETAILING IN 2014.

William Oneill

I took the Detail King class with my Dad, it was awesome, I learned a lot and all the instructors were great. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get into the mobile detailing  business. Thanks to Nick and all his Detail King Team!

Billy O’Neill

My son and I attended the January 2014 Detail King technician auto detailing training seminar. The weekend was filled with with valuable information including, marketing, accounting, business planning  and the hands on experience was second to none. Jason and the rest of the staff  were very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Detail King. By the way Nick, my son William is pumped to get the truck up and running. Thanks Detail King!

Joe Sambataro

I recently had the opportunity to attend the  two day auto detailing training seminar with the guys from Detail King. I’ve been following them since early 2009 and I’ve got to say, they inspired me to start my own car  detailing business. I came into the class looking for new marketing ideas, a better understanding of the business aspect and to basically see if we were currently operating the right way. I can honestly say these guys lived up to their portrayed professionalism and I got everything I came for plus some.

Prior to coming, I heard the detailing class was just a way they brought in people to showcase their products and boost sales – Not at all the case. They really take the time to answer your questions and explain stuff in a way that every student understands. I highly recommend the class to shop managers, business owners and future owners. It is well worth the money and you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be sending a few of my guys up soon!

Hung Tieu-Truong

I attended Detail King training seminar January of 2014. I was going to learn more about the business and how effective the industry is as I am starting my own mobile detailing business in the very near future. I was able to gather more information first hand from the king of detailing, Nick Vacco. I learned how to be able to market my business and how to promote it. I was also able to have hands on experience with many of the high speed buffers out there in the industry. This course was well worth it for those who are into the art of detailing as we’ll as those who have started their own business already. The staff at Detail King are extremely helpful and precise on their knowledge on what detailing is all about. Definitely a five star school.

Brian Hansen

I attended the Detail King auto detailing training seminar January 2014 with one of the goals being to learn how to use a high speed buffer. I got more than my money’s worth as the detailing training staff taught me how to actually set up an auto detailing business along with every little aspect regarding proper buffing techniques. Not to mention the staff genuinely cares about your success and making sure you learn what you came for. I’d recommend this auto detailing training program to ANYONE!!

Larry McKay

The information Detail King provided during the January 2014 two day auto detailing seminar was amazing. Certainly well worth the fee. Detail King has a complete training program for people who want to find out more about the auto detailing business. I was impressed with Detail King’s first class detailing products and operations. I will be ordering your products soon!

Hani Alramahi

I enjoyed attending the recent Detail King Auto Detailing Training Seminar. Even though I already have many years of detailing experience I still learned many new skills at the seminar. Either a beginner or experienced pro can get a lot out of this training.

Pavel Gerashenko

Prior to attending the Detail King Craftsman Training class, I had high expectations for the 3-day course. Upon completion of the training, I am happy to report that Detail King exceeded my expectations. The classroom based learning on the first day covered practically all of the questions that a new entrepreneur may have in helping one build a successful auto detailing business. Detail King is up to date and on top of all the latest industry trends as well as advertising trends.

The practical 2 day hands on detailing training seems to be overwhelming at first but as you go through all the steps of a proper auto detail, with expert detailing trainers guiding you through each step, the process becomes straightforward and lets you get a good feel of what you will encounter on a future detailing job. The Detail King detailing products work really great and you can see this all in action. The 3 day detailing training class is definitely enough to get one started in the auto detailing business. High praise for Detail King, its quality auto detailing products and professional training environment. I would highly recommend the Craftsman Auto Detailing Training Class to anyone interested in starting an auto detailing business.


I took the 3 day craftsman auto detailing training seminar. It was great , informative and very helpful. The detailing trainers were very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and helpful. Can’t say enough about Detail King, they provided me all The tools I need to start my auto detailing business. I look forward to a great business relationship with them!

Alexander Tabat

The 3 day car detailing training class was fun and taught me a lot. The detailing class trainers and everyone that works at Detail King do a great job of teaching you how to start your own detailing business and how to use the different products and equipment. The training class was a great experience.

Damian Harris

I highly recommend Detail King for its outstanding car detailing training courses! I recently received my Auto Detailing Certification at the Craftsman detailing class on January 12, 2014 along with 4 other students. All of my questions were answered regarding starting a Mobile Auto Detailing business and I was able to learn how to proficiently use the many auto detailing tools, detail equipment types and detailing chemicals to be successful. Prior to attending Detail King, I researched several other detailing training companies on the Internet, and none of them that I found were as organized, knowledgeable, process and procedure driven, and determined to provide you with what it takes to be successful.

I have worked several years in a Corporation environment and was laid off recently, and decided to pursue my dream of owning my own auto detailing business. Nick and his team will work with you to ensure that you are successful operating your own auto detailing business. I believe that you will succeed with your car detailing business and take your business to a higher level of success, if you include Detail King into your equation! They are awesome guys and will assist you all of the way through the process. I am glad I met Nick Vacco, The King, and his team and look forward into building a personal, as well as business, and lucrative car detailing business in the future!!! The sky is the limit and with your support, will be AWESOME!

Steve g

Detail King Auto Detailing Training School offers a good start up course for getting my detailing business off the ground. Their detailing products work great and customer service is excellent they actually care about their students and customers.

Allen W Kniphfer

If you want to be the best then you have to be trained by the best in the car detailing business. Nick Vacco and the staff at Detail King are the best in the car detailing training business. The Detail King Staff know the detailing business inside and out and can share that knowledge with the beginner as well as the experienced auto detailer. The staff’s knowledge and experience with detailing products and equipment is amazing.

Jon Tatar

Detail King is truly the KING ! Nick and his entire staff are awesome in every aspect of the word. I attended the Detail King 2 day detailing training class (November 2013) and was blown away by the business side as well as the hands on detailing training side of the course. The business and hands on detailing knowledge they taught me was priceless. Detail King has a top notch facility and staff to go along with it, and willing to answer all questions at all times. I also purchased a fully equipped enclosed mobile detailing trailer – DK5800 and a business package from them which is second to none in looks and quality. Anyone looking to start a business or expand on their detailing knowledge should take a strong look at these guys. True professionals. Thanks Detail King !