Detail King Student Testimonials

Kevin Hunter

WOW! What a great way to learn all about the auto detailing. I attended the Detail King 2 day class in November 2013. Whether you are looking to go into business or just want to learn for personal vehicles Detail King’s class is amazing. I learned so much, and not just about the detailing side but also about the business aspect. Its only been a couple of weeks since I took the class and already I can see a difference. The cars look so much better and my confidence in what I’m doing is through the roof now. I’m looking forward to all the ways I can implement all the marketing strategies and ideas that the class taught me, so far its looking good. The teachers who were there were not only very knowledgeable but were also very friendly as well. Everyone involved in the class was amazing. Everything about the weekend was great! I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in auto detailing.

Bill Tewkesbury

I have been interested in the auto detail business for quite some time now, but could never bring myself to actually attend a class on how to make it profitable. After attending the Detail King 2 day car detailing training class I realized I wish I would of taken it years ago. The class is very organized, and I was able to learn a lot on the business end and also the hands on training part. The staff was very helpful in answering all my questions (and I had a bunch of them). My brother and I both attended the class and are eager to get a small mobile business started in the very near future. I would definatley recommend this class to anyone with an interest in the auto detailing world.

Roman Brzozowski

Having owned my mobile detailing business for over 10 years now I can honestly say that my experience at the recent Detail King 2 day training seminar (Nov 2013) was excellent. I was hesitant of going but am so glad I did. My main goal was to improve my sanding & polishing technique as well as get some new ideas for managing and marketing my business. I received this & more. We had almost 20 students attending with experience levels from beginner to over 2 decades in the business. Even with this it seemed we had one Detail King staff member for every three or four students.

The networking was great as well. We had plenty of time to ask questions of the staff & students. We were able to try out any detailing equipment that DK carries to see if it is something that would work for our business. On top of all this the Founder of DK was available throughout the seminar teaching from his experience along with his excellent staff! I definitely recommend the Detail King auto detailing training course for anyone just starting out or if you are looking to take your business to the next level.

Tony Jankowski

I am SO glad that I chose Detail King’s 2-day auto detailing training class November 2013 for my new detailing business! Nick Vacco and his staff are consummate professionals. Everything about this seminar was first class including facilities, materials, lecturers, trainers, products, and attendees. The gentlemen who took part (on both sides of the table) were very congenial, industrious, and super conscientious – the kind of men with whom you’d love to do business.

My eyes were opened to products and techniques that will allow me to serve my customers at the highest quality level. I’m on the launching pad to a successful future thanks to Detail King’s training, customer service and support, and dedication to perfection in their profession! Tony Jankowski, Erie PA

Norm Hodges

The Detail King in one word is “conscientious” toward detailing. As a 25-year veteran in the auto detailing business, I quickly discerned that the Detail King was far more than just the owner CEO Nick Vacco but his great organizational leadership, with his diverse young outstanding, laser sharp team of professionals that are ready to assist with their skilled enthusiasm. On day 1 of my 3-day training on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, my personal rating was an 11. This score is based on readiness to lead. Detail King is who they say they are, and they can do what they say they can do.

On day 2 of my training it was very clear to me that Detail King really is Dedicated to Assisting the Entrepreneur. Finally on day 3 came, after putting my hands to be trained and my mind to work the opportunity to capitalize on six new profit centers. Detail King’s President Nick and VP of business development Paul with staff got it right when they said, “WE CHANGE LIVES”. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS is the hallmark of detailing. At 4cMobile Services, LLC,. “We Take Pride In Cleaning Your Ride,”  I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with The Detail King family Training Institute and alumni. Norm Hodges CEO 4c Mobile Services, LLC.

Michael Gerback

After attending the Detail King Technician 2 day training class in November 2013 I came away with a better understanding of how to detail cars. The class was well worth my time. The instructors took the time to explain, show and answer all the questions. They took the time to teach the technique to us and made sure we could do it ourselves. Thank you again!!!! Michael

Mauricio Martinez

It was a great experience being part of your training. I will be doing bussiness with Detail King Detailing.

Tobi Keitmeier

I just attended the 3 day Auto Detailing Seminar at Detail King (November 2013). Nick and his crew were well prepared and their knowledge about the products, tools and systems they have in place, as well as everything they teach about starting an auto detailing business is outstanding and in my opinion of great value for everybody who is going to start in this field. I already have a Marine Detailing Company in Ct. and want to expand into Car detailing. Myself and two of my workers attended the detailing seminar and it was worth every diime we spent. Nick and his crew are very supportive and they will guide you even after the seminar is over. They are all about cooperation and not competition. It seems to me Nick understands after all his years in the business that if his Students are successful he will be successful. Thanks again to Nick and his Crew! Tobi

Chris Cradick

I went through the November 2013 Craftsman Detail King automotive detailing training class and it was one if the best things that I could have done for myself. Wanting to be a mobile detailer can be a very exciting opportunity and to be tought every little detail of the trade by Detail King just puts me one step ahead of everybody else!! I would go into details but I think if you want to become a detailer the best thing I can say is go to Detail King and get the training. You’ll understand what I am talking about once you do it. One if the best experiences and would recommend it to anybody!! Thank you, Chris Cradick

Nathan Haley

This class (November 2013 Craftsman auto detailing training class) was extremely beneficial for me. It provided outstanding business and marketing techniques along with a hands on demonstration of the interior and exterior aspects of detailing. The class also provided great information on how to grow, maintain, and expand your detailing  business. I believe everyone starting or looking to expand their detailing business should take this class.

Dennis l Meinschein

I submit this testimonial in regards to the Craftsman Class that I attended November 8 – 11 of 2013. I don’t usually give reviews but I felt that Detail King deserved the highest review I could give. The Class, The Facility and The Trainers were simply AMAZING! I have been in the detail business off and on over the past 20 years doing odd detail jobs here and there for friends and family and when I came out of the class I felt as if I learned a whole new trade. Both the business and the hands on were top notch and the trainers took their time and explained everything. They answered every question the class had and if they didn’t have the information (which was rarely) they went out of there way to find it. Even going as far as helping a student register his companies web site name with go daddy.

Even above and beyond the information given and all that I learned one of the best things I received from the class was confidence both in myself and from Detail King. Many times I was told by the trainers and staff that in the future if I had any questions about anything all I have to do is call and they would walk me through what ever problem I had in front of me. No where else does this. Lastly, I would like to thank all the fellas at Detail King. You guys were awesome. I can’t wait to get my wife/business partner in there to experience the same level of quality training as I received. Dennis L. Falling Waters, WV

James Allison

In October 2013 I had the privilage to attend and participate in the three day Detail King Craftsman auto detailing training program. After researching several detailing courses in both Canada and the USA, I decided on the Detail King course as it offered the best value added program on the market today and is a certified training facility. The course offered by DK was well structured, applicable and delivered by the DK  Training Team who were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable regarding techniques and products. It was particularily nice to use DK products which were easy to use and environmentally friendly AND made/supplied by Detail King. I have no problem recommending this program to anyone looking to start a business in auto detailing or anyone just looking to refine techniques or learn new skills.

The hospitality was great and each member of the Detail King Team were willing and able to assist with any question that came up. If I had one suggestion to make the course even better, I would suggest a little more hands-on time using products. Give that most of the students travelled some distance and were staying in nearby accommodations, some evening hands on training might be offered to help students gain additional confidence using the equipment and products. (optional of course depending on the student) Thanks again to Nick and his Team! Looking forward to using the products in my business.

Jordan Pfeil

I was a student this month attending the Detail King Craftsman auto detailing training seminar. After spending a few months researching and talking to different schools, I felt Detail King was my best choice. It was above and beyond my expectations, from the knowledge of learning how to start, operate and manage your business to the actual hands-on detailing training as well.

I would highly recommended this to anyone who is currently looking into starting a business in the detailing field, or currently in the business and looking to further benefit your knowledge and skills. As far as staff goes Nick, Jason, Bill, and rest of the DK Team were excellent, went above and beyond to do anything they possibly could to help each and every student in every way possible. The skills and knowledge I will take from their detailing training program was well worth it! Very well run training program!

John Morgan

I attended the Detail King October 3 day craftsmans auto detailing training seminar. I expected to pick up a few new tricks and procedures, but I got so much more. From the marketing idea’s on day 1 to the specialized skill on days 2 and 3 the valuable knowledge just kept coming. It was a great experience and it was fun as well. The staff was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable and provided a top rate experience. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to start a business in auto detailing or anyone looking to refine or learn new skills.

Michael Ferrante

I recently attended the October 2013 three day Detail King Craftsman auto detailing training program and enjoyed the whole experience! I learned a great deal of information and had fun the whole time.  I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the field of automotive detailing !

Ryan Nickol

In researching the available schools through online searches, forums and one-on-one conversations with each training facility I made the final decision to attend the Detail King three day class. These guys are with out a doubt at the top of their game. The information covered in the course is an absolute necessity to anyone who’s serious about starting or expanding their detailing business. Along with the curriculum and the knowledge you’ll take home comes the fantastic customer service.

Nick runs his company like a well oiled machine and is more then willing to go above and beyond what you would expect in today’s business environment and will always make time to talk to you personally. Bill and the rest of the sales staff along with every other employee at Detail King are no exception, customer service is priority number one there. After all, the success of your business is a large factor in the success of theirs and it’s more then evident that they are aware of this after my experience.

Joseph JR

In the beginning of month I attended Detail King’s 3 Day Craftsmen Training. I would recommend the classes to anyone who is in the detailing industry already or just trying to find new methods and to advance their training. They have a full line of products and a huge selection of tools to add to you arsenal. Big thanks to Nick, Paul, Bill, Jason, Allen and Eric for a great experience.

Maggie Said, Midland Car Wash, Canada

The training I had at Detail King was outstanding and I learned a lot. I will be able to use my knowledge to start my own business soon. I will definitely recommend Detail King to all my friends, and if I decide to hire people in the future, I will send them to Detail King for training.

Maggie Said, Midland Car Wash, Canada

The training I had at Detail King was outstanding and I learned a lot. I will be able to use my knowledge to start my own business soon. I will definitely recommend Detail King to all my friends, and if I decide to hire people in the future, I will send them to Detail King for training.

Sriram Thiruvenkadachari, ECO-EXPRESS, Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to say these guys are great! Took their class three years ago, and they always offer any assistance I need. I have called them twice this month for support on equipment and questions concerning a customer’s vintage car and they are always there for you.

So if you are considering their classes, take them!! They don’t just take your money, teach you and then send you on your way. They back you up whenever you need them.

Total class operation!!