Detail King Student Testimonials

Stephen Burress

I found the Detail King auto detailing training seminar to be very informative.  All the Detail King instructors were very helpful and we’re very eager to answer or help with our questions. I recommend anybody interested in auto detailing to take the auto detailing training seminar offered by Detail King! I attended the April 2014 Technician Class.

Ajamu Parry

Highly recommend the Detail King auto detailing training program. From someone coming into the program with zero detailing experience, I now feel fully confident in my business endeavors. Outstanding team and service! You can tell they really care about helping us succeed on all aspects of the auto detailing industry. Already planning on coming back for some additional detailing training. I attended the April 2014 Technician Class. You guys rock!

Jason Harber

Dear Nick, Jason, and the rest of the Detail King Team, I would like to thank you for the time you took to train me in the art of auto detailing. Going into the Detail King Craftsman auto detailing training program I was nervous as I knew very little about the business side of detailing, how to actually perform a detail and I was not sure how much knowledge I would gain from your training program. After taking the three day training program I am happy to say I learned so much about the business. This ranges from the marketing side, the staffing side, performing the detail, and performing great customer service to the customers.

I feel 120% confident that I can now go out and get my own auto detailing business started and be successful at it. I am still extremely happy with the training and knowledge I gained and I would highly recommend and potential auto detailer take either the two or three day training course to jump start their career in auto detailing. Your team of trainers was exceptional and extremely knowledgeable. They seemed to know everything and were a huge help in educating me in this art. I could only hope to be as good as them and then one day come back as a trainer myself. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you and the team for a very long time!! Sincerely, Jason Harber

Christopher Booth

The Detail King 3 Day Craftsmen auto detailing training program is a must for the detail business owner. Nick is an exceptional, professional entrepreneur and has put together an amazing team of instructors and team members. Being an auto and motorcycle enthusiast with little experience in detailing, I now have the knowledge, skills, confidence and support to succeed in this lucrative industry. Thanks again Detail King! (I attended the April 2014 class)

Brad Bagley

The Detail King Craftsman auto detailing three day training program in Pittsburgh this April 2014, was very informative. The team was knowledgeable in all aspects of the detailing business. I found the hands on approach was key to my success during the training. The knowledge and skills obtained through the training will certainly be utilized in my own detailing business. Thank you Detail King for making this experience well worth my time and money.

Jonas Lunyenze

Having attended the Detail King Craftsman program in Pittsburgh this April, I attest that it is a very good hands on detailing training program. It has given me the knowledge necessary to undertake the auto detailing business. Really a motivation for me and eager to do something. I am not just ending with the certificate but to go all the way until I become King in Auto Detailing in Zambia. Bravo to Nick and his team.

Bruce Wu

The Detail King training seminar was an awesome experience. From no knowledge at all to everything known within 3 days. DK team is professional. Thank you very much Nick. (I attended the April 2014 Craftsman Seminar)

Rodd Hale

As a recent student of the Detail King, Craftsman 3 day Auto Detailing Training Institute – April 2014, I would highly recommend the program. The business portion of the training is outstanding and a “must have” for anyone needing initial business advice and guidance. The interior and exterior training was provided by a knowledgeable staff and delivered the necessary information to complete a detailing job the correct way. I give the training two thumbs up! Rodd Hale, Versailles, OH

Shannon Allen

I graduated from the Detail King 2 day technician auto detailing class Feb. 22, 2014 and stayed for the auto reconditioning seminar on Monday. Great class, fast paced full of info from starting a business too getting the job done right and efficiently. Staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. It’s a great learning environment. State of the art equipment, definitely a company that’s got it together. Worth Every Penny!

Jose Rodriguez

I had a great time and learned a lot of new things in the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Class. I recommend this training to any new detailer out there. They teach you all the basics and show you a good process that cuts down time on every detail job. Staff is very knowledgeable and helps you with any aspect of a detailing business. I attended the March 2014 Technician Class at Detail King.

Rob Fisher

The auto detailing training Detail King offers is excellent. I was able to learn and apply many things directly to my new detailing business. Nick has put together an excellent team of individuals that cover all aspects of the detailing business and they go above and beyond in helping others. Longevity on Nick’s team is evidenced by the fact that his team members have been on his staff for many years. This speaks well for Nick and the entire Detail King organization. Their individual skill sets combined form a tremendous resource to anyone willing to learn and apply new knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone seeking an opportunity in the auto detailing business to plug in with these guys.

Johan Cortes

The Detail King auto detailing training class was an amaizing experience. I learned a lot of new things. I recommend this course to everybody.

Stephen Perez

I want to Thank Nick, Paul, Bill, and the whole Detail King staff for the information and training I received this weekend while I attended the 2 day seminar. The Staff was very knowledgeable during both days of training. I learned proper techniques on detailing interior, exteriors and engine compartments. I now have all the knowledge I need to open my mobile detailing business and I am confident I will succeed thanks to Detail King. I’ve used many products in the past but the Products at Detail King work 100 %. I strongly recommend Detail King to anyone looking to better their techniques or are planning on opening their own detailing business.

Ed Ostrowsky

Life is about setting expectations and then achieving them. I came to the Detail King course with the expectation of getting some good hands on experience in knowing more about the detailing business as a whole. I left with way more. The classroom sessions were a great combination of text book and real life experiences. The actual hands-on days were fantastic. The instructors were very kinowledgeable and able to get everyone plenty of real world experiences. They answered every question honestly and there wasn’t any fluff, just the honest answer. Nick has really put together a top notch staff. My expectations were exceeded and I really got my monies worth. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone at Detail King for the effort. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to see how it should be done. Ed Ostrowsky

Stanley E. Moore

Dear Mr. Vacco I’ve spent twenty years in the military, seven at the US postal and six as a contractor over seas. I’ve worked with and supervised my share of teams during this time. But never have I seen a team like the one at the Detail King. First of all the instruction/classes exceeded my expectations. All instructions and instructor were clear and knowledgeable at all times. Your team made the class feel like family at all times not just students. I would strongly recommend anyone that wishes to get into the automotive detailing business to your Detail King class. Thank you and your team for the opportunity to meet a very good team of people and attend your detailing school. Thank You All and Take Care, Stanley E. Moore. I attended the Detail King Craftsman Seminar March of 2014.

Joyce Freeman

I enjoyed the 2 day auto detailing training I did with Detail King February 2014. It was informative and helpful in getting started with our business. The Classroom education on the first day gave me lot of direction with the advertising and promotion aspects for an auto detailing business and the second day was all about hands on with detailing a vehicle and getting to familiar with the detailing products and equipment, I learned the most that day. The staff was great and very good at answering questions. Thanks for the experience!

Charles Spicer

First I would like to thank all of the staff at Detail King for there in depth business and auto detailing training. I went into this with an open mind and was happy to find myself learning some new tricks that I had over looked. As soon I can I will be sending another student to take the course. The course is laid out perfectly and step after step is explained with pure enthusiasm and years of knowledge. Thanks Nick for helping me to step up my game, and you are right …… You do change lives!

Kirby England

I attended Detail King’s 2-day auto detailing training workshop February 22nd and 23rd 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA. The 1st day was a seminar to touch base on the auto detailing industry, licensing, advertisement, marketing and most important the use of social media. Social media “is” 21st century communication and advertisement. Knowing how to utilize social media to promote yourself and your auto detailing business is extremely important. Nick Vacco the CEO and lead training for the workshop and made this point very clear for both aspiring new detailing business owners and established business owners on the importance of recognizing and utilizing Social Media to it’s full advantage.

The 2nd day of the Detail King seminar included an excellent review of current professional detailing chemicals, supplies and the where, when, why, how those supplies should be used for the auto detailing industry. The remainder of the day included a hands-on practical application of using all the tools, equipment and chemicals for auto detailing. All students spent several hours professionally detailing a car from start to finish. This was invaluable training for both new and seasoned detailers. For me, using a high end vapor steam machine taught me how to upgrade my detailing business and at the same time reduce physical work time and chemical use reduction. Every student has different objectives for attending a training a class and I was more than satisfied with fulfilling my objectives of learning the newest detailing processes, products and the newest equipment available to the Auto Detailing industry. Thanks “DetailKing” Kirby England Final Touch Detailing LLC

Mike Kawell

I thought the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Course was very informative. It gives you all the angles and info on starting up a detail business of your own. The hands on detailing training was great to see how all the detailing equipment works and the time savings that the right tools and methods can give you. Definately recommend the class.

Leslie Arnett

The 3 day auto detailing training at Detail King  is well worth your time and money for anyone serious about investing in their future and owning a detailing business or wanting to explore opportunities for growth. While at General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge and Hyundai over the last 16 years, I have been to many hands on training events, and the Detail King Training Seminar is just as professional and skillfully executed as any that I have attended. All the staff are very helpful and informative and eager to answer questions. I think they excel by offering smaller class sizes, professional facilities, and plenty of one-on-one experience with the instructors. It is fantastic to be able to actually train with the various products available and the ongoing support has been excellent. Don’t go it alone, get help from the Pros!