When it comes to auto detailing brushes, every one of them at Detail King are commercial grade, unlike those you’d purchase at an auto parts store. Our auto detailing brushes are made to last — car after car and detail after detail. We also feature the “hard to find” detail brushes including special wheel brushes and motorcycle brushes. Listed below are the fibers our different brushes, as well as a description of those fibers. Be sure to see all of our individual auto detailing brushes in addition the detail brush kits that are shown below. (As an aside, be sure to check out the Brush List By Specific Application page of our Auto Detailing Methods & Procedures Guide.)

We we’ve got here (and we have to take a deep breath first) are car wash brushes, truck brushes, horsehair detailing brushes, hogshair brushes, wheel brushes, motorcycle brushes, car interior brushes — and the list goes on:

  • Brass Wire – Soft metal bristle removes residue from metal and coated parts without severely scratching the surface. Our Brass White Wall brush is made of these fibers.
  • Horsehair – Used for the removal of fine dust and particles on smooth or highly polished surfaces without scratching. Many of our exterior “detail brushes” are made of horsehair or hogshair fibers. These fibers are popular for removing fresh wax and glaze from crevices and emblems.
  • Nylon – Longwearing, resistant to rot, mildew, alkalis, most solvents and heat. Is softer and used for vehicle wash brushes. Some of our truck wash brushes are also made of these fibers.
  • Polypropylene – Durable bristle that resists heat, acids, solvents and chemicals. It is not affected by moisture or cleaning solvents. Great for scrubbing grime from lower sections of the vehicle’s body. Detailers use Body Brushes with these fibers to clean the front ends of cars — grilles, bumpers and outside mirrors.
  • Polystyrene – Durable bristle that resists water, oil and chemicals. It can be crimped for aggressive cleaning in scrub brushes and has excellent flexibility and durability. Ends can be flagged for fine body, wash, wheel and tire dressing brushes. Several of our brushes are made from these fibers.
  • Tampico – A vegetable fiber that comes from the agave plant of Mexico. It has soft to medium texture and is highly resistant to liquids, solvents and heat. Fiber holds liquid well, creating a great wash and scrubbing brush. Our Large Cone Brushes are made of these bristles.