Cyclo Orbital Polisher Packages by Detail King give the car enthusiast or the professional auto detailer the opportunity to have choices when it comes to selecting the Cyclo polisher with the products and accessories that will best suit your needs. We have developed several Cyclo Buffer Money-Saving Value Packages that are designed to give our customers the best deal in town.

Besides offering our value packages, Detail King also has a massive selection of Cyclo polisher accessories such as our single and double-sided foam polishing pads, terrycloth and microfiber bonnets, four different types of Cyclo brushes. We also have just about everything else you will need to make your car or your customer’s cars shiny! Most of our Cyclo polisher kits include variations of Cyclo pads, bonnets & brushes, and selections of custom-blended polishes, sealants and swirl and oxidation removers — all formulated to work very effectively with orbital polishers

Cyclo Polishers are precision-machined and hand-assembled and built for a lifetime of trouble-free operation. The Cyclo Polisher’s dual heads orbit in a random, overlapping motion that mimics fine hand polishing. It leaves a brilliant, swirl-free shine every time. There is no other orbital buffer on the market like the Cyclo buffer. The Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polisher is the most effective means of polishing available today. Even in the hands of a novice, it is safe to operate and provides professional results every time!

The difference lies in the tool’s overall balance and its patented dual heads. The dual heads operate in a synchronized motion, providing the most effective results without fear of heat buildup; damage to trim pieces, moldings and gaskets; swirl marks, holograms and more. The low vibration and balanced design allow for a more even application and better control when operating. We offer the Cyclo Model 5 Pro Dual-Head Orbital Polisher with a variable-speed controller and ProGuard backing plates!

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