Here at Detail King, we’re known as the authority on all things that have to do with mobile auto detailing. We offer mobile car wash systems, skid mounted pressure washers, pressure washers and car wash business opportunities every single day of the year. Among the calls we get each day are those from people who purchase a pressure washer from one of the local hardware store outlets, brings it home and connects it to a water tank and it doesn’t do the job. What’s the problem? The answer lies in the fact that the store-bought pressure washer wasn’t designed to draw water from a “static source.” And by static source, we’re talking about the water tank.

At Detail King, our pressure washers are designed to be able to draw water from a standing tank (static source). Doesn’t matter a whit if the pressure washer is a 2,000-, 2,500- or 3,500-psi tank. It’s all about how the valves were designed in the pump. Check out our line of pressure washers. Most are equipped with soap injectors and are easily mounted to the floors of vans, pickup truck beds, and trailers. We also offer mobile detail trailers, water tanks and car wash soap for power washers and pressure washers.