Tire dressing, engine dressing and auto interior dressings available from Detail King include premium tire dressings and tire shines, rubber dressings, water-based silicone dressings, vinyl interior dressings, leather conditioners, aerosol trim dressings, non-silicone dressings, and engine dressings for automotive detailing. Like our other auto detailing chemicals, our car dressing products are made to Detail King’s highest specifications. We offer many premium tire dressings and tire shines for both sponge on and spray on applications. Our auto detailing dressings are designed to last even after driving on wet roads. Our non-silicone dressing is perfect for automobile engines and running board inserts.

Our car interior dressings include an emulsion-based high-gloss dressing for automotive vinyl and leather. We also offer an aerosol dressing for plastic trim, air-conditioning vents, shifter boots and hard to reach areas such as car seat pockets and in between consoles and seats. Our auto interior dressing (Pearl Gloss) can actually be cut with water so you can offer your customers a high-sheen or low-sheen dressing on interior components. You will love the way our auto-detailing dressings “set-up” and dry to an even sheen.