Many detailers and car enthusiasts alike have eliminated their rotary buffers and are using the Flex DA XC3401VGR for paint correction and micro swirl removal. It used to be that you almost always had to use a rotary high speed buffer to remove paint scratches, swirls, oxidation and other imperfection within the clear coat. The Flex Polishers use a forced circular pad rotation coupled with a long throw of the oscillations giving them considerably more cutting power than the typical dual action polisher. In fact, the Flex DA will do 90% of what a pure rotary polisher can do with the safety of the random oscillations to prevent swirls. This is a real break thru!

Detail King has assembled some great money saving Flex DA Kits that include our famous DK polish line-up and Lake Country foam pads. Be sure to check out these Flex DA Polisher Kits: Swirl & Oxidation Remover Polisher KitTime Saver Polisher KitCorrect & Protect Polisher Kit and our Business Man Polisher Kit just to name a few. We have many more Flex DA money saving value kits!

Detail King offers the new Rupes LH19E and several Flex Rotary Buffer Kits, to assist the auto detailer in performing high quality paint correction. Our Flex Variable Speed Polisher – FLEX PE14-2-150 makes paint correction and polishing easier than ever before. This Flex Buffer weighs on 5.6 LBS. and is perfect for the newbie auto detailer and especially for women just learning how to buff cars using a variable high speed buffer. The is the BMW of rotary buffers, offering a smooth ride, superior handling, and German engineering! The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Variable Speed Polisher is well adapted to the needs of the user with benefits you won’t get from another rotary buffer. Be the first on your block to own the new Flex PE8 Lightweight 3 Inch Rotary Polisher, we are now taking pre-orders, the polisher should be in stock the first week of December. The Flex PE8 mini polisher is perfect to buff motorcycles and tight, intricate body panels.