Since 2015 Jade Ceramic has been providing detailing business owners with the best detailing products. Jade Ceramics have been crafted by those with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and understand the needs of detail shop owners, distributors, and car owners better than anyone in the industry. Their products are designed to keep any vehicle looking great, while also protecting it from the elements. With their wide selections of detailing products, you can be sure to find the perfect products to introduce to your client base.

Jade Ceramics rely on three key factors:

  • Dependability – Jade is committed to providing dependable detailing products that will help you maintain the look & feel of your clients vehicles. Jade Ceramics are formulated to provide superior results with minimal effort.
  • Affordability – Understanding that detailing is a labor of love, Jade Ceramics offers you quality products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Availability – Jade Ceramics is a line of professional detailing products that offers the latest and greatest in scientifically formulated ceramic coatings. From waxes, sealants, to tire & wheel care, and of course ceramic coatings, Jade has everything you need to get the job done correctly.