Porter Cable 7424 XP Polisher Kits



Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polishers

Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polishers are the ultimate dual action car polishers! The Porter Cable 7424 XP Polisher is the most user-friendly, paint-safe car polisher on the market! The Porter Cable 7424 XP Polisher makes product application, polishing and buffing faster and more effective than detailing by hand. With variable speeds and a dual-action pad, this polisher is great for novice detailers or seasoned pros that just enjoy the ease of use. The Porter Cable 7424 XP dual action polisher has a host of features that put it in a league all its own when it comes to safety and durability. The XP version has a Heritage Porter Cable Mechanism, Improved Switch Design for greater durability, More Powerful Motor (4.5 Amps) yielding 2,500 to 6,800 OPM, and Improved Ergonomics for improved comfort and control.

If you have never used a buffer or polisher on your car before but want to use one of the safest polishers, there’s no doubt that the Porter Cable 7424 XP Polisher is the one for you. The human hand can’t possibly achieve the results that are obtainable with a high-quality car buffer or dual-action polisher. Choose from 15 money-saving Porter Cable Value Packages. We offer both single- and double-sided foam pads, terrycloth and microfiber bonnets for the Porter Cable 7424 XP Polisher.

This orbital polisher is safe and effective for polishing your paint to perfection and for applying waxes and sealants. We sell hundreds of these units per month — not only to car detailing professionals but also to car enthusiasts who want to be able to achieve professional results by doing it themselves!

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