Rupes Bigfoot Microfiber & Foam Pads

Detail King offers a complete selection of Rupes Bigfoot Microfiber & Foam Pads. We also offer Rupes Mille Foam Buffing Pads, which are designed to be used with the Rupes Bigfoot Mille Polisher. The Rupes BigFoot polishers are amazing tools that enable detailers and car enthusiasts to obtain awesome results with a time savings up to 50%. Professional auto detailers using the Bigfoot system use fewer steps, save time, use less polishing compound and generate greater profits! Thanks to the innovative design and technology, these random orbital polishers by RUPES are even more energy efficient compared to traditional buffers and polishers, producing energy savings of up to 50%. Be sure to check out our complete line of Rupes foam pads, microfiber pads and NEW Rupes wool pads that work exclusively with the Rupes system. We also offer Rupes Polishes and Compounds which will work perfectly with the Rupes Pads.

No holograms (swirls) by definition, holograms are the marks produced by traditional rotary high speed buffers. The new BigFoot system eliminates swirls and makes it possible to achieve superb results in only one polishing step. Using a buffer has always been considered an operation that requires lots of experience and specific skills. Typically, the lack of appropriate buffing training results in damaged surfaces including the compromised edges and sharp corners. RUPES has eliminated these risks with the BigFoot, a random orbital polisher that enables even the novice operator including car enthusiasts to achieve outstanding results.

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