Flex PE8 Buffing Pads

The FLEX Rotary Mini Foam Pads for the PE-8 are available in 1” 2” and 3” diameter and are specially designed for use with the FLEX PE8 Rotary Polisher. The FLEX Rotary Foam Pads utilize several design features that allow them to run a lot smoother and cooler than traditional a foam pads. FLEX Rotary Foam Pads and their mini footprint will give you the ability to polish components of vehicles that you never thought possible! These FLEX Rotary Foam Pads feature a hook and loop material that is precision cut for easy centering on the appropriately chosen FLEX Rotary Backing Plate.

The FLEX Rotary Foam Pads are constructed using an open-cell design that increases longevity by reducing heat formed. Compared to more of a closed-cell design, these Foam Pads enable air to pass through them to cool the adhesives that are used to attach the backing material to the foam pad itself. These FLEX Rotary Foam Pads will not only out-perform other foam polishing and compound pads of their type, but they will last longer as well.