Buff Pro Drum Polisher

The BuffPro Model JF180 Axial Polisher is a revolution in professional polishing offering a true swirl-free finish. Not only does the Buff Pro Drum Polisher not produce swirl marks, it can even remove swirls made by conventional rotary buffers. The BuffPro is a very useful tool to use on RV’s Boats and Aircraft.

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BUFFPRO Model JF 180 Swirl-Free Buffer w/ Polishing Pad

The BUFFPRO Model JF180 axial polisher is a revolution in professional polishing, offering a true swirl-free finish. Not only does the polisher not produce swirl marks, it can even remove swirls made by conventional rotary buffers. This is a tool that can buff and polish just about any surface in half the time of conventional rotating pad buffers. Our axial cylinder design means that compound and polish stays under the buffing pad, while conventional buffers fling it off to other areas. The larger pad means that you can get better performance at much lower rpms. We offer two high-quality pads that work with the widest range of compounds to cut, polish, buff and finish to the highest shine possible. Two other pads (black) can be made available to you by special order.

BUFFPRO Axial polishers and pads are designed for all-day use by professionals. Dual pistol grip handles, variable-speed controls, a durable drive motor and a quick-release pad spindle means you can concentrate on your work — not on your tools. And the low rpms mean that it‘s safe to use for even the novice detailer.

We include a white polishing pad that you can use to compound and glaze. The white polishing pad will be able to correct 95 percent of the vehicles on which you will need to perform paint correction. If the vehicle doesn’t need a compound, then you can just glaze and polish with this pad. With the proper compound like our Vibra Cut-Lite, this pad can even remove 1,500 sand grit scratches.


BUFFPRO Features:

  • No Swirl Marks or Holograms: Axial motion of the pad eliminates circular micro-marring, which leaves a professional swirl-free shine every time. No need to compound and then glaze you are leveling the paint. Polishing is done in one step and it’s swirl free!
  • Reduces Labor Costs: Up to a 50 percent improvement in efficiency making every job fast and effective, saving time and money.Ease of Use / Peace of Mind: The variable high-speed operation gives you the heat and friction you want. Weighs only 12.5 pounds.
  • Dual Pistol Grip Handles: Ergonomically designed hand grips minimizing awkward wrist positioning and hand fatigue.
  • Minimal Mess and Splatter: Cylindrical pad keeps compounds and polishes under the buffer, reducing the use of chemicals and minimizing the need to mask.
  • Pads Stay Cleaner Longer: Centrifugal force keeps polish on the outside of the pad so it won’t load up with compound such as with traditional orbitals. You can clean the pad with our Pad Renewer Solution as needed.
  • Multiple Pad Options: Available pads include options for cutting, polishing, finishing and even sanding.
  • Industrial-grade Motor: An electrically operated motor, heat-treated precision-cut gears, and a variable-speed locking trigger. Great for mobile situations or shops. Variable Speed: 1,200 to 2,700 rpms.
  • For better results in less time, with less risk, order BUFFPRO today.