Blogging to Brand and Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

What to Brand:

Brand your business as the top detailing resource in your area. Blogging is a great way to showcase your business. If you are not blogging you are in the minority.

Reasons to Blog:

1) Show your expertise

-Use your blog to elevate your audience’s trust in you and your business.

-The more you write and the regularity with which you write show commitment to your business.

-The result is Credibility with your target Market.

2) Connect with your target audience

-As you continue to blog and offer insider information or detailing tips you will build a stronger following.

-Asking questions of your audience at the end of each blog to start interesting conversations.

-Thoughtfully respond to those comments to build relationships with your audience.

3) Introduce other websites

-Use your blog to connect people to your business website and your other social media platforms.

-Have plenty of links on your blog page to your other social media outlets. This encourages others to share your blog posts and comments, which means more traffic to your website and further distribution of your ideas.

4) Give and you shall receive…

-Think of each blog post as a free little nugget of information that will improve the business or life of each member of your audience.

-Offer additional free tips to improve your connection with your customers and audience.

5) Showcase your connectedness

-Ask for comments from your clients. Show tips from other professionals in the industry.

-Ask other professionals (Detail King) to post articles on your blog.