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Bruno Andujar – Detail King’s Curriculum Is Approved By PA Board Of Education

Detail King’s Auto Detailing School is a great place and I am so lucky to go through this auto detailing training program. Students came from all over United States, Puerto Rico and around the world.  I am fortunate enough  to have the president and owner Nick Vacco as an instructor. Nick has a lot of knowledge and he was so kind to transfer all his knowledge to us, this makes him different from his competitors, a very nice person. I will have a good memory for all that he did for us.

This detailing training is perfect for people who wants to operate a detailing business in this type of industry. The students learn marketing and auto detailing operations. As student you have the time to practice (hands on) using the detailing tools and products the right way. I gained a lot of new techniques that I will use in my new detailing business in Puerto Rico.

The class is very interesting, no one will get bored. I graduated September 25, 2016 from Detail King’s Technician program. and was awarded a diploma.  Detail King’s curriculum is approved by the PA State Board of Education, big difference from the other auto detailing schools. Definitely the life of the student will change for one as a professional car detailer. Yes, I would highly recommend Detail King to anyone.