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Will Dennis – I Am Absolutely Amazed

Having just started an actual auto detailing business rather than being a hobbyist, I am absolutely amazed at the various components of the business that I wasn’t aware of or completely neglected. Detail King, the staff, in addition to the outside detailers (Alumni) that came in for the sessions were an absolute pleasure. They were extremely knowledgeable and were extremely clear in transferring their knowledge. I recently got Detail King Certified October 2017.

Day 1, in my opinion, is where the rubber met the road. In starting any business, if you don’t already have the business acumen, you better figure out quickly what you don’t know. Detail king was able to provide the necessary tools in order for me to take back and begin working on developing the plan. From the various insurance needs, EPA requirements, advertising and marketing, to the building of the business plan, there were a bunch of small gaps that I didn’t really think about. By attending this session, I was able to bridge those gaps and understand that I have a lot of work to do. I am a true believer in not trying to reinvent the wheel. By following the guidance of the presented material, I will be able to be more profitable sooner. (Now to source funding….lol — ooooooooohh Nick!).

Day 2 was all about applied knowledge. As I have already been detailing, I understood all of the various tools and products needed in order to detail a vehicle. However, I was able to take away a bunch of tips and tricks in order to make my life a bit easier. I had quite a few a-ha moments which included the need to build processes within every step of the detailing cycle. More importantly, I was able to use the Detail King developed detailing solutions.

From the compound and polishes to the tire dressing and Final Touch Express Wax, they have exceptional products that I am switching to moving forward. And the fact that their products are eco-friendly is a huge plus in my book. Overall, what made the weekend for me was the people. Kudos to Nick Vacco, Paul Angell, Jason Fung, attendees, and the rest of the Detail King Team. Looking forward to many years of doing business together.