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We call the initial evaluation with the owner of a vehicle about to be detailed as the “walk-around,” and it’s an important part of the process [read more]
Tag Your Auto Detailing Customers! You already know that many features offered on Facebook make it easier and less expensive for auto-detailing [read more]
Before you even buy the first hogs-hair brush, orbital polisher or bottle of shampoo  for your new vocation as an auto detailing professional, [read more]
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The winter season presents challenges to the mobile auto detailing professional who can erroneously equate freezing temperatures to a freeze in [read more]
Social media — when pursued within its many channels — impacts practically every segment of our lives. It’s deeply imbedded in the things we [read more]
AddThis is a widely used social bookmarking service that can be integrated into an auto detailing businesses website with the use of a web [read more]
Creating a Facebook fan page for your auto-detailing enterprise is such a no-brainer! In this age of social media, where nearly a billion souls [read more]
Most auto detailing service providers these days are happy as clams to just book daily appointments for basic auto detailing and hand-washing [read more]
They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and nowhere is this more important than in the auto detailing business. [read more]
When it comes to operating your own mobile auto detailing business, one thing’s for certain: No matter how much experience you have, and no [read more]
It goes without saying that if you’re planning to open an auto detailing business with a stationary location or start up your own mobile auto [read more]
When it comes to your auto-detailing business, there probably is a beneficial place in the world of marketing for such daily deal outfits as [read more]
Every auto-detailing business should be heavily engaged in social media marketing in order to attract new customers and retain the faithful. If [read more]
Establish Your Email Campaign When it comes to social media networking, the top priority — the No. 1 goal — is to keep your business name boldly [read more]
You can set up individual appointments all day long for your auto-detailing business and you can do quite well at it. But here’s an idea that can [read more]
Check Out this Article Published In the Pittsburgh Business Times Auto detailing shop diversifies by teaching trade Nick Vacco, owner of Detail [read more]   Investing in one’s future especially regarding education is critical to progress and develop in [read more]
Think of Twitter as a relationship-building tool for your auto-detailing business. Twitter enables you to interact with people with short [read more]
SlideShare offers users — including professional auto detailers who sign up for the service at — the ability to upload and share [read more]
Quick Response (QR) codes may make it easier for potential clients to quickly gain access to and store information about your auto-detailing [read more]
Flickr is an image-hosting and video-hosting website, web services suite, and online community that’s now owned by Yahoo! In addition to being a [read more]
You don’t need a make-up trailer, tons of camera gear and a megaphone to produce videos that demonstrate how your auto-detailing business works. [read more]
Mobile phones are rapidly replacing home phones and they have turned many millions of users into multi-tasking professionals. Today’s smartphone [read more]